10 Critical Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

By Sandi Hunter

I’ve been in the home business and online marketing industry for
nearly 20 years. These are 10 of the most common marketing mistakes I
hear or see most often from both Newbies but also from people who
assure me they know what they are doing. Here’s the critical mistakes
to avoid and what you should be doing instead to maximize your results.

Marketing Mistake #1

You send all your traffic to your primary website. Most people
involved in online marketing or affiliate marketing,  are selling
more than one product or service. By all means, list all your
products and services on your site, but don’t rely on your website
for lead generation.  Your website can be too busy and too big to
funnel your buyers into the section or item they are looking
for.  Fussy, large, poorly organized websites can cost you leads and sales.

What you should do.

You should send all your traffic to landing pages NOT to your
website. Ideally you should have one landing page for each product or
service you offer.  This way you can target specific markets and
cater your copy and offers to that population. Landing pages are
clean lead-generating machines. Effective landing pages start with a
compelling attention-getting headline, then drive home the benefits
of what you offer, point by point. Landing pages that get results
always have an OFFER to generate an action by the reader – in most
cases this action is either to get a contact form completed, or an
instant sale.   Every person who lands on your landing page (squeeze
page) is a highly valued prospect.

Marketing Mistake #2

You focus only on lead generation and not list building. Newcomers to
online marketing, and even seasoned marketers often make the mistake
of posting static information on a website or a landing page.  They
fail to do the most important task of all. That task is to include an
opt-in form on your landing page that encourages the prospect to sign
up for your newsletter, or your email updates, or your special
promotions email.

What you should do.

Every landing page you create should include OPTIN boxes so
respondents can check off interest in other services you offer
including your newsletter, special promotions, or related products
and services. Every successful marketer knows that the key to sales
now, today, and the future is based on a solid mailing list.  The
best way to generate your own email marketing list is to encourage
people to agree  (opt-in) to receive your email.  This can be made
easy for prospects by having check boxes on the lead form included on
your landing page. They simply check off what they would like to
receive additional information about.   Mail order companies have
known the power of a good mailing list for years, now online
marketers need to understand this too.

Marketing Mistake #3

You tell not sell.  You ramble on with details and jargon that bores
your prospect to tears. You don’t offer the exciting benefits of what
your product or service offers –  what it will do for them to make
their life better, or solve or eliminate a problem. Prospects stop
reading long before they get anywhere near becoming a lead or a buyer.

What you should do.

Use sales-generating copy tells the prospect the BENEFITS of what you
offer. Include a special offers that motivates a response!   Stop
boring people by TELLING  the minutiae of what they are buying and
start SELLING them on why they must get your incredible product
TODAY.  Sell all the benefits of what you offer, make an offer to get
it today, then limit that offer so they understand they will miss out
if they don’t act now – right now!   Every statement in your copy
should be moving towards the sale.  You get this, this and this too
but you must act now! Punchy copy that is laden with value and
excitement gets a response.  Your marketing copy must speak directly
to the needs of the reader, they want to know what is in it for them.
Your only need as the marketer is to get the point across that your
offer is outstanding and must be responded to right now.

Marketing Mistake #4

You are trying to BUY success. Many inexperienced marketers will buy
the services of an SEO company in an attempt to artificially force
their website to the first page of Google and other search engine
sites.   I hope you have a money tree because you are going to need
one. You’ll be out of money before you know it with no sales to show for it.

What you should do.

Learn how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yourself. If you
don’t you will always find people with their hand out ready to take
your money, and your return for this kind of service will be minimal.
Here’s why. SEO is not that hard, you can easily learn how to do this
yourself if you are willing to learn, give it time and are very
patient.  There are TONS of free courses, free ebooks, low cost
software and training programs that teach you how to increase your
website ranking.  At least first give it a try yourself, save
yourself a lot of money, learn for the sake of long term growth of
your online business. See Marketing Mistake # 5 for more on this.

Marketing Mistake #5

You rely on automation or short cuts to fast-track your marketing.
You’ve bought software or services that allow you to:  – Spin
articles – Mass blast ads – Generate mass link submissions – Blast
messages out to Twitter and other social media sites   – Mass product
fake content pages

Guess what? The folks at Google and Bing are smart cookies.  Every
day they tighten their algorithms a little bit more to decrease or
eliminate the search returns generated by automated programs. The
result: one day you are on the first page and the top 10 search
returns, the next day your site is dropped for no reason and no
recourse for the unfortunate site owner.  I don’t have to tell you
that this can cost you a LOT of money.   The search engine sites
don’t have to tell you why your listing disappeared, they change how
they rank sites all the time. As soon as there is an obvious pattern,
or sometimes just a hint of artificial attempts to jimmy your
rankings from automated software, look out!

What you should do.

Forget about automation, it may work now, you may get away with it
for the short term but in the long term, it won’t.  Google themselves
will tell you the best way to get high ranking is with fresh, natural
content posted frequently.    Yup. That takes time, sorry folks, no
way around that but it is time well spent. Stop thinking you have to
get rich over night, start thinking of your online business as a REAL
business, not a hobby. A legitimate business takes time to build,
consistent effort and some learning along the way.   Read, learn,
download ebooks on the topic, take a Bootcamp training course such as
the one offered at Worldprofit, and work on building your web

footprint one day at a time.  Every had a tap dripping into your
bathtub. It doesn’t take long till the tub fills then starts to
overflow. Use the FREE and plentiful tools available on the web to
learn and understand how to increase your ranking.  You can get
started right now! Set time aside as you learn and do a little every
day. Create social media profiles, create blogs, post an ad, build a
WordPress site (the SEO is built in already), write an article,
comment on an article, be a guest blogger, tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Marketing Mistake # 6

You don’t track your advertising results.  No clicks on your ads
means no intelligence on which ads are working at which places.  You
are marketing with a blindfold.

What you should do.

The beauty of online advertising is that when you post an ad you can
check to see if you get hits. This is smart!  The only way of knowing
if your ads are working, if your time was well spent, or your
advertising dollars were well spent is to know if you get clicks on
your ads.   Tracking your ads and the response allows you to tweak
your ad copy, better your offer, identify both good and poor
advertising sources.  Most online advertising sites provide you with
a Member area where you can login to check your statistical data on
your advertising response.

Marketing Mistake # 7

Buying ads on Google and Bing without knowing what you are doing.
Newcomers to online marketing do this all the time. They put up a
website then buy ads at Google. Google loves you for this but you
won’t fall in love with the cost.

What you should do

Research key words in your industry so you know what people are using
to find businesses, products or services that you offer. How do you
do that? Easy. Google has a key words tools within their Webmaster
Tools to help you with your ad campaigns. It’s free whether you
advertise with them or not, and a great way to get started learning
about key works so you can use this information in your marketing.

Marketing Mistake # 8

Not promoting consistently.  You are short on time, and short on
money, so you post infrequently.  You don’t vary your offer, your
products, your ad copy.

What you should do.

Successful marketers know that promotion is something you must do
every day, and if not every day as often as you can.  People short on
time make the grave error of buying large quantity mailings to
massive amounts of people in one shot, instead of doing  small
amounts of promotion to target markets on a continual consistent
basis.  Do you ever notice that big companies NEVER stop marketing?
They are always in your face.  What do they know that you don’t know?
The consumer has a very short attention span and if you are not in
their face they quickly forget about you.  My colleague Dr. Jeffrey
Lant impressed on me the 7 time rule of marketing.  The idea of this
is that people have to see an offer, or an ad as much as 7 times
before they do anything.  Ever notice that when you watch the morning
news while getting ready for work, that the same McDonald’s
commercial plays over and over again! Why? They know you are watching
the news getting ready for work and want you to stop in for a
breakfast sandwich. Repetition in marketing is key and give the
competition out there for various offers, it’s important that your
message be seen.  Post your ads often. You are NEVER done promoting.
As an online marketer your job is simple. Promote often, promote
consistently.  This leads into our next critical mistake.

Marketing Mistake # 9

Only advertising at a few places and not constantly looking for new
advertising sources.

What you should do.

New marketers tend to find one or two places to advertise then only
advertise there. The web is filled with great places to advertise.
You must try to continually expand your reach, tap into new markets,
target new customers.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and rely
exclusively on single sources or you will be cutting off your profit
potential.   Look into all kinds of different types of advertising
including pay per click, login ads, banner ads, safelists, traffic
exchanges, ad swaps, classified ads, joint ventures. Avoid vendors
that offer extremely large lists, or leads for a ridiculously low
cost, chances are good they will be fake or computer generated.

Marketing Mistake # 10

Underestimating how much marketing focus is required to drive your business.

What you should do.

Understand that marketing is and should be 90% of how you spend your
time in building your online business.  This one thing alone dooms so
many Newbies to failure, they don’t spend enough time on marketing in
order to get results.  I hear people say ‘this product is so good it
will sell itself”. That has got to be one of the worst errors in
thinking I have heard when it comes to making money.  You’ve got your
products or services you want to sell, now focus on promotion. When,
where, and how. Then stick to it.  I’ve had people tell me they are
spending 12 hours a day promoting a product and not getting results.
I tell each and everyone of them this. “If that’s actually true, you
are doing something terribly wrong.”  If this is you then go back and
read over these common marketing mistakes. You are making one or more
and this is sabotaging your own success. Sometimes you just need to
step away, take a breather, and review what you are doing. You may
think you are working hard but you aren’t focusing on what will get
you results. Something is perhaps distracting you, something is
eating up your time, something you are doing is not what you should
be doing.  One person who told me they were spending dozens of hours
a day with no result, was actually spending most of their time
blogging and Facebooking. When they evaluated what they were actually
doing they then saw that what felt like work was really just time
wasted in front of a computer. The bottom line is this, reassess but
never never give up.

Summary: There is so much money to be made online it’s mind-boggling.
It’s a type of money making that is not what most people are
familiar, it’s a steep learning curve for many but it’s worth the
time to learn. There’s unlimited choices of products and services to
sell. You can build an online business for very little cost but treat
it seriously. Be realistic about what you can earn  and put in the
necessary time to learn and understand what you are doing.  Affiliate
marketing is a huge growth industry now with no signs of slowing.

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